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Age: 18. Favorite type of music: Give me some ROCK! Favorite Food: Mom's Smothered Burittos. Hobbies: Music, Martial arts, and cooking. Future Occupation: Soon to be Paramedic. I'm Proud to be a christian and an American!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hi people of the internet

So yea.... I know... I havent posted in a while :/ but hey, thats what Im doin now. Lately Ive just been busy applying for jobs. Its definally no fun. Ive applied at Red lobster, Mardel, and albertsons just to name a few. Still havent got any responses to any though. The 4th I went up to Denver to hang with my cousin and that was pretty cool. We all went to see the fireworks inspite of the rain lol then after we got back to the house I played a pretty darn good game of chess but i still lost lol. Props to Tony T! Well next morning cousin Dan, Illy, and i got up early and drove to Boulder for some shootin practice. I didnt do too bad, may have lost some hearing but still really fun lol. Soon after we finished we went to Casa Bonita (yea... the food hasnt got any better lol) with the whole family. Then we headed back home and tore it up on CoD Modern Warfare! Tuesday I ended back home :/ oh well lol. Now back to the job hunt. Pray I nail a good one soon lol. well talk to ya all soon, Bye:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm Back (but I'm not wearin black)

Hi:) back again! Sorry i haven't been on (my computer keeps spazzing out every time I log on lol) but now its working. Well nothing has been happening much :/ but it should start getting more exciting come the end of the month. I've been writing alot of papers and i did this one on the song Already Over by RED but i can't seem to find the flashdrive its on. Once i do Ill load it up on here for you guys to see if its any good lol I dont consider myself to b that good of a writer but hey. well if anything comes up I'll keep you informed:) Peace lol

Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is new for me...

Well i was inspired by my best friend to start a blog (you know who you are) lol. I guess who ever decides to follow this on of two things will happen: One, your brain will fry and you will be hopelessly confused or two, you'll actually get to know me. I aim for the latter:) lol. Well im not so special (in my opinion but i like to think theres people who believe different lol) but i guess if anything I'll at least entertain someone. I can't promise I'll update this on a regular basis cuz well... I've never been any good at keeping a journal, but I'll still do my best. Well see ya soon! peace:)